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Merging the universal sound of dance music with the structure of a rock band together with exquisite attention to detail around their aesthetics and artwork, Highly Sedated is a unique concept that promises to take electronic music forward to incredible new levels.
Signed to Steve Angello’s SIZE Records, the band’s new single, ‘revolution’, is now available.


Late 2017 we felt a need for a change.
We were boxed in by routines, our environment and most of all; our own minds.
So we rented an old, wooden theatre in the deep woods of the Swedish north.
Our goal was to get back to the roots of our music making.
Our goal was to find our common creative force and tap in to it like we knew we had to do in order to continue as a band.
And in our search for this abstract (but at the same time concrete) feeling, three new songs were born.

‘Revolution’ was the first one out.
We took it back to our roots: elements of 90’s British trip-hop was mixed with acoustic instruments and powerful synths from the future.
We wanted to give the listener the same feeling that we got from listening to bands like Massive Attack and Portishead.
The feeling of bombastic, yet beautifully intricate, change.

All the instruments, vocals and videos were recorded during this process.
But we still sat on the song for a while, knowing that it hadn’t reached it’s full potential yet.
So we called up our long-time friend Thomas Rusiak (legendary Swedish producer, artist and record label owner).
Together with him we finally found the structure and the soul of the song.
And the way he works with drums is nothing short of world class, this is a widely known fact.

The idea of ’Revolution’ was spawned in our constant quest to evolve.
But we realised that in order to evolve we also need to reflect on the past, but never let that past hold us back.
Like the song says; “No need to worry, my love. You’re so much more than the mistakes you’ve made”.

Vive la Révolution!

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All music is released on SIZE Records.

Make Love (CYA Remix) (2017)

Artwork by HS

Last Call (2017)

Artwork by Ernest Zacharevic

Make Love (2017)

Artwork by Soohan Qadri

Got Some Water? (2016)

Artwork by Sara Brant-Lundin

Existence (2016)

Artwork by John Clark

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Highly Sedated Orchestra

On Friday 21 July 2017, Highly Sedated performed at The Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, together with the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra.

Hard electronic beats in combination with classical arrangements.
It was such an emotional and beautiful evening for everyone involved.

Check out a preview made by our good friend & film maker Emil Nylander.


All We Have Is Now
Custom Tee

Got Some Water?

Make Love

BBC Radio 1 Live Session

We had the honour to perform a live-set during Steve Angello’s residency at BBC Radio 1.
An amazing experience to play our songs live at such a legendary place!
Listen below:

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